Caribbean city-hopping

Did you know that the most surprising Caribbean cities are just a short flight away from each other?

History rich.
Experience rich.  

Don’t expect to be bored. The past is rich in Havana and Merida but these are also two of the most vibrant cities in the Caribbean. 

So far. So close

Havana and Merida have much  in common and at the same time offer the traveler a glimpse into two very different cultures.  

Five-stars friendliness 

We know that there is more to fine travelling than Egyptian cotton bedding. This is why our dedicated staff will help you make the most of your stay in and out of our homes

Mi penthouse es tu penthouse. 

La Tropical offers excepcional stays in both cities. Space and privacy are paramount to us. This is why in Havana we suggest our Penthouse and in Merida, an urban Villa. 

Super local

La Tropical is a small family business rooted in the community. We try to help other local families and specially women through our activities.

The limited local resources are also our priority. 

The Penthouse

La Tropical Penthouse occupies the whole top floor of a 1949 building in Havana’s greenest and grandest Avenue.  

The elegant penthouse features two spacious suites, many balconies, a terrace and a big rooftop to sunbathe or just lounge watching the sun set on the ocean.

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The Villa

La Tropical Villa is a contemporary lush retreat hidden behind one of the many colonial facades of historic Merida. 

Space, privacy, nature and calm makes it feel like a Villa, yet you are in the middle of one of Mexico‘s fastest-growing and safest cities and in the heart of fascinating Yucatán.

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